Kansas City Local Brands Save Embattled Country Club Plaza?!?

Probably not but we don't hate hipsters for trying.

Here's a nice effort that deserves encouragement for at least offering the middle-class a path to buy an outrageously priced t-shirt and feel good about it for a few minutes.

Check their offer . . . 

"In total, KC Style Haus is home to over 40 local brands who also work to buy from other local brands when making their own products. Minor pushes for each brand to have creative control over their set up, how their products are displayed, and what items they carry . . .

"As more people around the area seek out locally made products, many of the vendors hope this will spur the motivation for others take their brands to new areas in need of more representation."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

KC Style Haus brings local vendors back to the Plaza

The Country Club Plaza hasn't always been known for local names, but that is something one business is trying to change. With several vendors having trouble staying in stores and finding success over the past few years in the high-end area, a coalition of underdogs is attempting a hybrid approach.