Kansas City Immersed In Nostalgia

We actually like this idea because it's wholesome and fun for the whole family . . . A far cry from our days renting much more risque movies and suffering disapproving glances from a disgusted clerks.

Meanwhile . . . This trip down memory lane seems like a great opportunity for limited social interaction and submitting to strangers mocking your cinematic tastes . . . Check-it . . .

At Rewind Video and Retro Dive you’ll find retro stylings, such as box TVs, original gaming consoles, ’90s-inspired cocktails like Adult Capri Suns, and an operational video rental store. Patrons can rent film titles from a curated library of nearly 1,800 VHS tapes, DVDs, Blu-rays, and UHD.

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Time Travel Back to the 90s at Kansas City's Newest Bar - In Kansas City

The good old days of the '90s are making a comeback with a new concept from Screenland Armour-a basement bar called Rewind Video and Retro Dive. Located in Screenland Armour's basement, the new dive bar takes you back to those weekend nights of perusing your local video store for the latest blockbuster.

Screenland Armour's new bar features VHS rentals, 90s-themed cocktails

NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo. - You can now relive your childhood at Screenland Armour Theatre's new dive bar. "Rewind Video and Retro Dive" is now open in the basement of the building at 408 Armour Road in North Kansas City.

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