Kansas City Hates The Freebie Bus Even Amid Rising Gas Prices

We can say this because we grew up riding the bus AND still hitch a quick ride from time to time . . . 

Riding the bus in Kansas City's urban core is mostly a miserable experience that people endure because they have to . . . Not because it's their first choice in transit.

Notice that people would rather risk breaking their neck in traffic on a scooter than endure a free ride that Mayor Q and council helped to ruin by allowing homeless free reign aboard public transit. 

Check-it . . .

Some drivers KMBC spoke said they are considering alternate transportation.

"I might have to ride a moped or a scooter," Davis said.

"I'm going to get a bicycle," Garrison said.

With the summer driving season just starting, AAA is concerned the gas price problem isn't going away anytime soon.

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'It's ridiculous:' Gasoline prices spike again in Kansas City

Sammie Riddell and Stacey Garrison Mann bought gas Friday, but they didn't fill up their vehicle. They stopped at $20."It's ridiculous. It's hard to survive alone without the gas prices going up," said Stacey Garrison.The couple is planning to tie the knot in September, but the extra $50 a week they estimate they're paying for fuel has their stomachs in knots."It's putting a dent in our wedding plans for sure," Sammie Riddell said."It hurts the little guy man.