Kansas City 'Grooming Project' Has Horrible Name For Great Cause

Giving people a 2nd chance and helping them get on their feet is important & critical work for this community.

For instance . . . TKC is willing to provide free snack cakes, coffee and temporary (basement) shelter to ANY former Brit supermodel who needs my help . . . That's just the kind of selfless prick I am. 

However . . .  The name of a local group doing REAL & INSPIRING good work has been tragically politicized.

First a peek at the local good deeds . . .

"The Grooming Project has trained people who’ve experience houselessness and other traumatic backgrounds to earn a state certification in dog grooming. The certification allows them to get a high-demand job and earn a livable wage to ultimately rise out of poverty.The new facility will triple the nonprofit’s square footage allowing it to serve more than double the number of students."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

The Grooming Project to break ground on expansion project Wednesday

The Grooming Project will break ground on a new facility Wednesday morning at 5805 Troost Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri. The nonprofit trains adults with a history of poverty to earn a dog grooming certification to help them reach self-sufficiency.

And then backstory on division over the term . . .

Social workers say the far right's adoption of "pedophile" as an insult is hurting real victims

Labor leader Randi Weingarten is perhaps best known for her work as president of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), the second largest union for teachers in the United States. Speaking to Salon, Weingarten made it clear that she cares deeply about the welfare of both the teachers and their students - but unwanted partisan politics keeps getting in the way.

You decide . . .