Kansas City Freebie Legal Work For Broke-Ass Tenants Almost Explained

This morning public radio guides us through a program that might keep some po'folk in their homes but also makes providing affordable housing even harder.

Check the discussion that's mostly devoid of any economic fact check . . .

"Tenants facing eviction in Kansas City, Missouri, now have free access to an attorney, regardless of income . . . Tenants in Kansas City eviction courts are now guaranteed free legal representation, paid for by the city, months after the ordinance overwhelmingly passed Kansas City Council. This makes Kansas City the 13th city in the country with such a program.

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A big help for Kansas Citians facing eviction

KCUR's Nomin Ujiyediin spoke with KCUR's local government reporter Celisa Calacal about what this means for renters in Kansas City.