Kansas City 'Defender Blog' Spurns Police Protection For Basketball Game

Politics aside . . . Getting a bunch of friends together to enjoy some b-ball isn't exactly a groundbreaking step forward in the struggle for social justice. A nice day at the park with buddies isn't exactly a tough sell. 

Nevertheless . . . This defiant blog community calls it a historic victory and snubs local police in the process . . . 

"We had absolutely no police or security presence, and had zero incidents of violence. This reinforced our belief as an Abolitionist news outlet that police are not necessary to keep our communities safe, and that abolition is about the presence of community and life affirming services to create safety, rather than relying on police overseers."

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KC Defender Brings Community Together with Historic Basketball Park Takeover

The Breakdown - This weekend, The Defender hosted our first ever major community event. The event resulted in one of the biggest Basketball Park Takeovers in recent Kansas City history. In fact, the event was more reminiscent of a community program by the 1960's Black Panther Party than an event hosted by a news outlet, and that's precisely what we were hoping to achieve.