Kansas City Country Club Plaza Starbucks Barista Union Vote Stalls

Considering that people change these jobs more often than some gross people change underwear . . . Worker complaints are always in flux and organizing is major challenge that's even more difficult than trying to spell customer names accurately.

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On Thursday, coordinators with the National Labor Relations Board counted the ballots of a recent election among 31 eligible workers at the Plaza location.

A total of 21 ballots were received, with nine workers voting for unionization, nine workers voting against unionization and another three ballots up for challenge.

Because the three challenged ballots could flip the outcome of the unionization vote, a NLRB spokesperson said the NLRB’s regional director based in St Louis will decide which, if any, of the challenged ballots should be opened and counted. The timeline for review wasn’t immediately available.

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Vote to unionize Starbucks' Plaza location tentatively ends in tie

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Workers at one of the first Starbucks stores in the Kansas City area to announce plans to unionize will have to wait a little longer to know if their efforts will be successful. workers at the Starbucks store on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri, announced an effort to unionize.

Starbucks workers lose their union vote at Country Club Plaza but vow it's 'definitely not over'

The vote to unionize the store on the Country Club Plaza was a tie, which counts as a loss, according to National Labor Relations Board rules. But pro-union workers say three votes were contested and could count in their favor.

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