Kansas City Confusing COVID With Allergies Amid Summer Plague Surge

We'd all like to think the plague is complete but the numbers say otherwise and typical Springtime sniffling is confusing many locals.

A recent mix-up . . .

"KCTV talked to Dr. Sarah Boyd, infectious disease physician on Saint Luke's COVID-19 Response Team, about the rise in cases across the metro and how to best protect yourself this summer."

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KCTV: COVID Cases Rising in KC, May Be Confused for Allergies

The Kansas City Metro is experiencing a new pandemic wave caused by subvariants of the Omicron strain of the coronavirus. COVID brought flights to a halt Tuesday morning at KCI after an outbreak in the air traffic control tower. The FAA told KCTV5 the tower had to close for COVID-related cleaning.

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Latest COVID surge is upending schedules and sending parents scrambling...again

Parents are still facing schools and childcare centers implementing emergency closures at a moment's notice as kids and staff test positive amid this latest wave of COVID.

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