Kansas City Confronts Monkeypox Plague

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Monkeypox has been here before, including the Kansas City metro.

The first outbreak in the United States, in 2003, affected six Midwestern states, including Kansas and Missouri, when people became sick after coming in contact with pet prairie dogs that had been infected by animals imported from Africa. The current outbreak is also linked to Africa, where monkeypox is endemic in about a dozen countries.

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How Kansas, Missouri and prairie dogs were involved in first U.S. outbreak of monkeypox

State health officials in Kansas and Missouri have not identified any local cases of monkeypox, a viral infection that has now been reported in nearly 20 states, the largest outbreak in U.S. history. But monkeypox has been here before, including the Kansas City metro.

CDC advises people who think they've been exposed to monkeypox to socially distance while they 'masturbate together' to avoid spreading the disease

The CDC issued sex guidance for people who think they might have been exposed to monkeypox. The recommendations include socially distanced masturbation in order to avoid spreading the virus. "Masturbate together at a distance of at least 6 feet, without touching each other," the CDC says.

CDC issues new guidance on monkeypox symptoms as U.S. cases balloon

The U.S. has reported 72 cases of monkeypox across 18 states in the last month, making it the country's largest monkeypox outbreak ever. That total has grown significantly since the beginning of June, when just 19 cases were confirmed.

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