Kansas City Chiefs & Royals Confront Abortion Choice For New Stadium Money

The two biggest professional sports teams in Kansas City can't stay on the sidelines forever.

As usual, conservative talker Pete Mundo puts the issue in perfect perspective . . .

Readers of this blog know that we respect Pete Mundo's work and, even better, we admire his skill in articulating ideas rather than just ranting. 

Special shout out to John Combest for keeping us informed with his AMAZING daily link blasts that have been a Missouri MUST READ for more than a decade!!! 

Now . . . 

In this instance the local talker might have jumped the gun in declaring victory. 

Still . . . Pete Mundo's apt tweet inspired TKC questions about the big picture and the long term.

Accordingly . . . 

Here's KICK-ASS INSIDER perspective on an American crisis confronting local pro-teams . . . Check-it:

"Of course the Chiefs & The Royals are going to have to toe the line. 

"It's inevitable. 

"You don't reside in a city and ask for HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS without having to return a few favors. Of course the support for 'reproductive freedom' will be slow and deliberate. Examples: The Royals rushed Pride Night but now it's one of their most well-attended events . . . The Chiefs cleverly included Melissa Ethridge as part of their LGBT outreach efforts . . . 20 years ago that would have been unthinkable and now it's reality. 

"Their fans might hate it but both teams also were outspoken advocates for the BLM movement. 

"Look closely and the Royals & Chiefs will probably be on the "right" side of the upcoming Kansas vote and overall both the NFL & MLB are decidedly progressive given their symbiotic relationship to major advertisers. 

As far as what hometown fans think . . . Who cares??? 

"This is a global branding decision and the people in the cheap seats would do well to ignore the whole thing and just try to enjoy the game."

Developing . . .