Kansas City Celebrates Refugees

This Northeast festival offers a reminder that one of KC's most diverse communities is also its most welcoming. 

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“It’s an annual celebration and it is our 16th year doing it here in Kansas City and the second year hosting it here at the library,” said Julie Robinson, Refugee and Immigrant Services Outreach Manager (RISE) for the KC Public Library. “It’s a way of celebrating everybody. We all come from different cultures, and different places, so it’s nice to share everything we have together and learn about each other.”

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World Refugee Day celebration brings together the stories of a diverse community

On June 18, the North-East Branch of the Kansas City Public Library hosted the city's annual World Refugee Day celebration, which brought together community refugee resources, live entertainment, and food for the community members and refugees of the Historic Northeast neighborhoods. The event commemorated an international day designated in 2000 by the United Nations General Assembly.