Kansas City Bear Soap Endures In Westport

In this post we remember that KC-based artist Peregrine did a bit of promo for Bear Soap. Co with a cheeky tagline and showing a lot of shoulder. 

Right now she's working on her 18th Street Fashion Show that will celebrate a triumphant return in The Crossroads.

And speaking of fashionable local biz . . . Here's a glimpse at handcrafted goods from the local LGBT community that provides a friendly place in Midtown despite recent challenges . . .

"With lower foot traffic in the Westport neighborhood since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, it made sense to focus efforts into one, intentionally-crafted storefront and the brand’s wholesale operations, Bramlette said.

“The east side of Westport does have a lot of open shop spaces that are empty right now,” he said. “I am on a Westport community board, and we’ve discussed how we can improve the look of the strip and get more local businesses in. It all takes time, but we’re actively looking.”

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Why Soap Bar closed its storefront to keep inventory flowing to Made in KC, refreshed retail spot

"This was a way for us to put more energy into fewer things and not be spread too thin," said Matt Bramlette, the Midtown maker behind Toilet Bombs and a variety of self-care products under the Bear Soap Co. brand.