Kansas City Baseball Fans Embarrassed & Saddened By Royals

The home team has inspired feelings of betrayal by hardcore local baseball fans.

Meanwhile, everybody in Kansas City is content to politely ignore the team's atrocious play and simply recall glory from half-a-decade ago.

Still . . .

Here's a recent screed that's worthy of consideration . . . 

Here we sit, almost a full week into June and about a third of the way through the MLB season, and I can’t help but be depressed about the Kansas City Royals. That’s not because they’re bad—I didn’t expect them to have even a winning record this year—but it’s because we have learned the answer to the question of “how bad do the Royals have to be in order for significant changes to be made,” and the answer to that question is “the limit does not exist.”

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The Royals are comfortable with being an embarrassment, and that makes me sad

If you've ever been in a frustrating argument with someone and want to try something different, here's a trick: ask who you're arguing with if there was any evidence that would convince them to change their position. You'll learn a few things thanks to this nifty reframing device.