Kansas City 2022 Graduation Speech

Thankfully, TKC will never be asked to give a graduation speech. 

But we've got a quick one prepared just in case . . .

For the most part the commencement remarks are underwhelming and often FAIL to inspire. Even Taylor Swift put her audience to sleep at a recent ceremony.

As always, our blog community appreciates it when a speaker keeps it short.

Accordingly, check TKC's brief remarks to this year's class of hopeful scholars . . .

"Ya gotta look out for number one -- and don't step in number two!!!"

Yes, of course that's a ripoff of Rodney Dangerfield's 1986 classic "Back To School" but nowadays watching full-length movies is the closest that most people get to reading books and social media killed the collective memory of the American public . . . So we'll call it a "classical reference" and move on . . .

Sadly, things aren't looking good for this year's graduates . . .

Congrats, class of 2022 - this job market is all about you

Congratulations, grad. You've earned your degree, and it was during one of the most challenging time periods ever. Still, you've emerged triumphant, and not all for naught - skills like adaptability, agility and resilience that today's workplace demands are now part of your pedigree. Employers need you. "College graduates should be proud.

Student Loan Forgiveness Of $50,000 Gets Renewed Push

Student loan forgiveness of $50,000 gets a renewed push. Here's what you need to know - and what it means for student loans. As President Joe Biden considers student loan forgiveness for millions of student loan borrowers, a new report sent to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) shows how $50,000 of student loan forgiveness could yield significant benefits.

"We've gone through so much": As the class of 2022 graduates, they're nervous about the future

Gen Zers graduating from college this year had an atypical college experience-and it's impacting how they look for jobs and decide on the next phase of their lives.

Sure, the abundance of (crappy) jobs is nice but they're all soul crushing customer service gigs that people hope will one day be replaced by tech, robots or new friends from foreign lands willing to work for pennies on the dollar of what Americans demand.

And all of THAT inspires tonight's playlist of our favorite graduation tunes . . .

Like everything high school . . . This song is trite, overrated and meaningless. So it's perfect to start our playlist . . .

Our favorite KCK diva helps with this tune that offers a glimpse at fleeting glory . . .

Post Malone represents everything mediocre about U.S. popular music and one of his slightly older tunes provides the PERFECT theme-song for the Class of 2022 — For better and worse in terms of a benchmark that we hope most youngsters surpass.

This recent tune by Billie Eilish offers a more accurate view of the current NEXTGEN zeitgeist that's not very hopeful at all.

A goofy pre-pandemic song concludes tonight's playlist and offers melancholy and gleefully sardonic view of American culture.

As always, thanks for reading this week and have a safe & fun Saturday night.