Just As TKC Readers Predicted: Historic Kansas City Imperial Brewery Going Down

We talked about this old & busted development scheme earlier in the year and mentioned that it's going nowhere.

This week . . . A local magazine shares another perspective and offers a bit of history . . . Check-it . . .

Dean Realty began renovating and restoring the building, stripping the plant of its former milling equipment. In 2011, the former brewhouse was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Dean’s family business merged with another local real estate company, Copaken Brooks, where he joined as vice president. Dean says the company has been prodded by Jackson County and Kansas City officials looking to demolish the dilapidated structure and create a new development opportunity. At some point, the old building will be gone—its location, configuration and dilapidated physical state make rehabbing it financially unviable.

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Why the landmark Imperial Brewery downtown will soon face the wrecking ball

Kansas City has long loved local lager. The vacant Imperial Brewery Co. building looming ominously over I-35, just south of downtown Kansas City, is proof.