Jackson County Contender Justice Horn Earns Pro-Choice Endorsement

In the current political climate . . . And given that Democratic Party leaning of Jackson County overall - This nod is a big deal despite SCOTUS legal controversy.

Here's the Jackson County 1st District contender talking about this stance on this often divisive issue:

“I am a proud ally and advocate for reproductive freedom and abortion access. Federal abortion protections are on the chopping block, and now more than ever we must elect pro-choice Democrats at the local level to protect our communities," Justice Horn said.

Justice Horn continued: "As you may know, across the state line there is a constitutional amendment to ban abortion access statewide. Many Missourians’ only option for reproductive healthcare is to travel to Kansas because we do not have access to abortion in Missouri. We must help our neighbors defeat this amendment on August 2nd. Join me on June 25th to canvass Wyandotte County and get out to vote for Kansans for Constitutional Freedom!”

Take a look . . .

You decide . . .