Here's Why Kansas City's Illegal Dumping Crisis Continues To Worsen

The biggest problem that nobody wants to talk about . . . 

Homeless camps are creating more waste on local streets as new sites proliferate thanks to permissive policy from the current administration. 

On the neighborhood level . . . And as we've noted continually for years . . . 

KCMO 's rise in illegal dumping has worsened since 12 & OAK CANCELLED REGULARLY SCHEDULED BULKY ITEM PICKUP.

This town has MILLIONS to house homeless, giveaway to sketchy neighborhood programs and finance all manner of tech schemes . . . But this simply city service was deemed to expensive and now KC is a much trashier place because of that decision.

Here's the other side of that story . . .

Back in the '90s, a city audit found most illegal dumping was of commercial waste. Now, most illegal dumping comes from people throwing out their garbage and personal items.

Alan Ashurst, the city's illegal dumping investigator, has anywhere from 17 to 25 cameras hooked up at dumping sites to catch people in the act.

"We cant stop people from dumping, a lot of people get mad at the city . . . But we do have a number of things coming up to help to at least try to keep things cleaner," Ashurst said.

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Is illegal dumping in Kansas City still an issue?

The illegal dumping of items in Kansas City has been an ongoing problem for years. Recently, officials conducted an audit to see how well the city's done with addressing the issue. Back in the '90s, a city audit found most illegal dumping was of commercial waste.