GOP Blog Blames Prez Biden For High Gas Prices Hurting Kansas Economy

A note from right-wing pay-for-play bloggers offers more fuel to the fiery criticism against the Prez. 

Here's their money line . . .

"Kansans aren’t just paying more at the pump; the Biden’s actions also hurt a vital part of the state’s overall economy. According to 2021 statistics, Kansas ranks 8th nationally in oil production with nearly 28 million barrels yearly and 14th in natural gas output with almost 154 million mcf (1000 cubic feet). Nearly 50,000 residents make their living supplying the state’s energy needs."

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AEA: 100 ways Biden administration impairs gas and oil production - The Sentinel

The Biden administration disavows any responsibility for record-high gasoline prices, but the American Energy Alliance (AEA) has published " 100 Ways Biden and the Democrats Have Made it Harder to Produce Oil and Gas ."