Fear-Mongering Mayor Q Warns Of Next Kansas City Massacre

Tonight we notice that the Mayor's gun control rhetoric has becoming increasingly grim and hopeless.

A tragic reality . . .

For the past two years Kansas City violence has reached record-breaking levels as this cowtown copes with deadly shootings every few days.

Now . . .


The attempt to convict 2nd Amendment defenders of future crimes is craven and so deeply divisive that it's hard to imagine an elected official using this kind of rhetoric.

Again . . .

Using cryptic language about the safety of youngsters is a new low for the American discourse but something that has been normalized as midterms elections approach. 

What's unfortunate is that this kind of talk has marked the upward ascendance of Mayor Q and is celebrated by social media fans & followers . . . Meanwhile, those of us who don't really care about the pointless national gun debate or blood-lust for power merely see the chatter as some guy threatening schools, parents and opponents with fate . . . A tactic that ALWAYS looks horrible in retrospect.

In fairness, we've highlighted the baleful passages as we link to more info and resources whilst KC's fading daily newspaper offers Mayor Q their platform this evening . . . 

“For us to just put our heads down and suggest nothing will happen and nothing needs to happen is to, I think, submit to more massacres of the types we saw recently,” Lucas told the Star on Tuesday, after a weekend spent talking about gun control on national outlets, like Face The Nation and The New York Times.

Lucas said while his powers to control guns on a local level are limited, he’s determined to keep the conversation alive on a state and federal level.

“I will be a very, very angry person if there is a massacre in Kansas City, and a massacre committed by a teenager who got an AR-15 when a very simple solution would’ve been having a longer waiting period or making it so that teenager could not have bought that firearm.”

“If we don’t talk about guns, if we don’t talk about the threat of guns, if we don’t talk about the flood of guns on our streets, we’re condemning ourselves to continue living like this forever,” Lucas said. “I don’t want to live like this.”

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"I will be a very, very angry person if there is a massacre in Kansas City," Mayor Quinton Lucas said. He said if he had the power to make one change tomorrow, it would be to require concealed carry permits again.

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Developing . . .