Did Worsening Inflation Silence Kansas City Illegal Fireworks For 2022?!?

It's Summer in Kansas City and I'm sure we'll hear more explosions and/or gunfire in the very near future . . . However . . . For right now, we notice remarkably quieter streets and this leads us to believe that people can no longer afford to literally burn money. 

Locals must adapt amid hard times and celebrating the birth of the nation by way of blowing up a small piece of it seems to be out of style given the higher cost of living.

Thankfully, there are more than a few legal & free fireworks celebrations coming up very soon . . . Take a look . . .

"Here is a roundup of fireworks displays in cities, towns and communities across Kansas City."

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Fourth of July 2021: List of Independence Day fireworks shows scheduled across the metro area

Weather or other factors could lead to changes. If there is an event that should be added or needs to be updated, email us, or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter.

Are fireworks legal in my city? 2022 Fourth of July fireworks laws for Kanas City metro area

We've made the list, now it's time for you to check it twice before heading to a fireworks tent near you. Are you allowed to shoot off fireworks in your area? Check out our list of updated fireworks rules and regulations for cities across the metro area.MISSOURIBELTON: Allowed June 28-July 3 from 10 a.m.

As inflation impacts fireworks, Blue Springs church offers reprieve

You'll soon start to see firework tents popping up across the metro, but your Fourth of July celebration might cost you more this year.

Developing . . .