Did Missouri AG Schmitt 'Blink' On Plan B?!?

Today we share just a bit more proof of our thesis . . . 

Smart Republicans know AND FEAR the threat of push back from MORE THAN HALF OF THE ELECTORATE and the power of women single-issue voters to dramatically alter the American political landscape.

An example and notable political demur . . .

“Missouri law does not prohibit the use or provision of Plan B, or contraception,” said Chris Nuelle, a spokesman for Schmitt.

Gov. Mike Parson told reporters the state health department was evaluating whether the newly-enacted trigger ban applies to contraceptives, according to St. Louis Public Radio.

“The Department of Health will make those clarifications for us,” Parson told St. Louis Public Radio. “I think they’re in the process of making that clarification so everybody knows how we’re going to read that.”

A spokeswoman for the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Last year, state lawmakers unsuccessfully attempted to bar certain forms of contraceptives from being paid for through the state’s Medicaid program and have signaled another push may be up for discussion in a post-Roe world.

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Missouri AG says state abortion ban does not prohibit Plan B or contraception

After at least one hospital system in Missouri stopped providing emergency contraception because of ambiguity in the state's abortion ban, Attorney General Eric Schmitt's office clarified Wednesday that contraception is not prohibited under state law. "Missouri law does not prohibit the use or provision of Plan B, or contraception," said Chris Nuelle, a spokesman for Schmitt.