Did Kansas City Emergency Weather System FAIL Latest Tornado Scare?!?

Not really. 

The sirens sounded an alarm in JoCo and it turns out a great many people on the Missouri side are simply out of range of early warnings. 

The solution . . .

Watch your favorite weather newsie 24 hours a day . . . Or, possibly, take a peek outside and away from your screen for just a few seconds a day.

And all this inspires another severe weather aftermath update that thankfully hasn't yet blamed downed trees on climate change . . .

Kansas City tornado prompts weather alert conversations

On social media, some expressed concerns about not hearing tornado sirens during the storm, depending on where they were.

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Did the weather alert system do enough during Wednesday's tornado?

Warnings in the early hours on Wednesday about a Kansas City tornado have prompted community conversations about the timing and efficacy of severe weather alert systems - especially at night. The National Weather Service constantly monitors weather conditions in the Kansas City area and sends out severe weather alerts when necessary.

JOCO emergency management explains alert system after tornado early Wednesday

Early Wednesday's storms caught many people by surprise, as they missed alerts and tornado sirens.The Johnson County Emergency Management service said this particular storm didn't give them a lot of warning. The county's 200 outdoor sirens went off minutes after the National Weather Service issued the tornado warning at 1:21 a.m.

Clean-up, stress continue in KC-area after tornados, storms

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Thursday evening's forecast isn't the best news for some homeowners who are still catching up on clean-up from round one of this week's storms. Carting away downed trees and branches, crews have been going all out since Tuesday, bringing a lot of debris to three locations of Missouri Organic.

Homeowners with storm damage face tough question: Hire help or do it yourself

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - On Thursday, in Kansas City, Missouri, at 10301 Raytown Road trucks and trailers were in and out dropping off storm debris. Many people in the Kansas City area had to weigh if they should do the heavy lifting or call for help.

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