Conservative Kansas Blog Claimz COVID Mask Mandates Might Kill You (Hint: No They Won't)

Here's the important part . . . Readers might want to put aside their politics and TRUST YOUR DOCTOR ABOUT HEALTH DECISIONS rather than partisan hacks on the Internets.

Still, here's a peek at "the science" according right-wing scribes who debate medical news in between their amateur work in explaining the economics of universally berated former Guv Sam Brownback. 

Check-it . . . 


The author of the study, German doctor Zacharias Foegen, explains why the Sunflower State was a unique case study:

“The state of Kansas, USA, has over 2.8 million residents. During the summer of 2020, Kansas State issued a mask mandate, but it allowed its 105 counties to either opt out or issue their own mask mandate – which was a rarity in the USA and one reason for the choice of this state, the other being that the comparison of infection rates among these counties has already been done by Van Dyke et al., showing a benefit of mask mandates.”

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Kansans in counties with mask mandates 50% more likely to die from Covid - The Sentinel

Kansas counties with Covid mask mandates had significantly higher case fatality rates than counties with no mandates. That's the conclusion of a published in Medicine on the effect mandatory mask requirements had on case fatality rates in Kansas between August 1st and October 15th, 2020.