Clay Chastain Warns Against Kansas City 'Political Insurrection' Over Green Petition

Tonight we notice a longtime local petitioner offering a glimpse at his commitment to this latest petition effort.

Here's the direct quote . . .

Clay Chastain: "A political insurrection could be triggered against KC's Government if it sabotages (yet) another petition from the people - the 2022 "Green Alternative Transportation" Initiative."

By law, the merits of petitions are to be decided by the voters - not the government. However, KC's Government has a sordid history of doing otherwise:

(1) In 1995, Mayor Cleaver / Council deliberately refused to place a Union Station Petition before voters even though Circuit Court Judge Ronald E. Holliger ordered them to!
(2) In 2007, Mayor Funkhouser / Council deliberately overturned a Light Rail Petition Election supported by 75,000 Kansas City voters!
(3) In 2014, Mayor James / Council deliberately eviscerated a Light Rail Petition Election by omitting any mention of Light Rail in the ballot language!
(4) In 2015, Mayor James / Council deliberately distorted a Light Rail Petition Election by replacing the Light Rail plan with a City Streetcar plan!
(5) In 2019, Mayor Lucas / Council deliberately refused to even place a valid Light Rail Petition before voters!

This disturbing history begs this disturbing question: If KC's Government interferes with (yet) another petition from the people, would that justify a political insurrection against KC's elected Government in the form of a Total Recall? 

Answer: The on-going repression of petitions by KC's Government has loaded a political cannon just waiting for a spark to ignite it.  Mayor Lucas / Council would be wise not to provide that spark.

Kansas City Activist, Clay Chastain


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