Bored Designer Shares Kansas City Hoop Dreams After EPIC Downtown Stadium Lie

Here's an inconvenient fact that locals keep forgetting . . .

Former Mayor Kay Barnes promised Kansas City a pro-team for Downtown if voters approved an EPIC tax on cars in order to raise half-a-BILLION bucks for construction of an arena.

The tax money was delivered promptly but a decade later there's no pro-level b-ball or hockey.

Former KC political consultant Steve Glorioso was the mastermind of this outright lie. 

He's now pushing up daisies and probably doesn't care about accountability to voters for his political duplicity.

And so . . .

Locals are forced to play make-believe whilst waiting for a pro-franchise that might never arrive.

Here's one more pathetic example . . . 

"The brainchild of nearly two years of work and procrastination, Poulain’s design for the KC Reign features four different jersey mock-ups, a complete style and logo guide and faux game-day images at downtown KCMO’s T-Mobile Arena."

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Reign reborn: KC designer's NBA team concept goes viral, energizes debate

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - In the midst of another blockbuster NBA finals, Kansas City, and its rabid base of basketball fans, are once again on the outside looking in. "It would mean a lot to have a team here," Robbie Poulain, a Lenexa graphic designer said.