Back To Basics: The Pitch Champions Kansas City Music Scene Again

Our favorite local rag is returning to their roots with a welcomed set of recommendations. 

Sure . . . Everybody has their favorite "sh*tty local band" but it seems that social media has FAILED in fulfilling the promise of connecting communities who share the same interest . . . Given that the local music scene has faltered amid the Facebook era.

Even better . . .

Remember that long, long ago The Pitch started out as a record store rag until trust fund kids & corporate raiders ruined it by burdening the publication with their political agenda, peculiarities, social rivalries & casual drug use.

Accordingly . . . We're happy to see more music promotion from new owners. Take a peek:

"Here at The Pitch, we get an opportunity to feel almost every new single and album in the city filtering through our grubby little paws. Once you’ve dipped your toe in the stream of everything that’s streaming, it’s almost annoyingly impressive how diverse and talented this city’s music scene is at the current moment."

Read more via link . . .

The Music Issue 2022: The Pitch's Infinite Playlist

The Greeting Committee. // Photo by Sophia Ragomo Kansas City is known for its contributions to the jazz music scene. More so than "funny cigarettes" and saxophones, we think this city brings a metric heck-ton of incredible music to the table.