Will Kansas Rep. Sharice Davids Defeat Worsening U.S. Inflation

So far Prez Biden's tenure has been an unmitigated economic disaster for most Americans.

Meanwhile . . .

As a reelection fight heats up . . . Rep. Sharice isn't afraid to talk about the economy.

Here's the word . . .

(Kansas Rep.) Davids is among the Democrats who discuss inflation most, a key issue that may define the upcoming elections.

“I think that part of the reason that I am talking about this so much is because I’m hearing about it a lot,” Davids told The New Republic in an interview this week. But she refrains from opining on how other Democrats should address the issue. “I’m not a huge fan of saying how anybody else should be conducting themselves as representatives. But I’m taking it very seriously,” Davids said.


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Sharice Davids Has Money on Her Mind as She Plots a Course to Reelection

Representative Sharice Davids, the lone Democrat representing a district in Kansas, faces a difficult reelection fight in November. The House Republicans' campaign arm has targeted her seat, and she represents one of Democrats' "frontline" districts. (The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee recently launched a billboard in Davids's district highlighting her likely Republican opponent's opposition to a gas tax holiday, which Davids supports.)