Will Kansas City 'Nursing Room' Additions Allow Pregnant Men?!?

At this point, it's unclear if this question is satire or not.

On the bright side and despite increasingly dystopian Internets culture . . . Here's an encouraging report about 12th & Oak accommodation . . .

Overall, the city has 19 mother’s rooms. There are two inside City Hall. One nursing mom, an employee with the city, said there’s a night and day difference between the two.

Now, council members are looking at adding or enhancing nursing rooms across hundreds of their buildings.

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Kansas City experiencing shortage of nursing rooms in workspaces

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As the formula shortage continues across the United States, Kansas City has discovered another shortage - nursing rooms in workspaces. The city discussed the problem in committee Wednesday and made a motion moving towards a fix. Overall, the city has 19 mother's rooms. There are two inside City Hall.