Watch: Chaotic Video After Shooting Blames Kansas City Police

After first reports and news follow-up here are the basics of what has been shared with local media following a Kansas City police officer-involved shooting last night . . . 

“A female suspect exited the passenger seat, she got into the parking lot near about four or five vehicles,” Bell said. “Now, a handgun – suspect handgun – was located in the parking lot near a vehicle and two officers have discharged their firearm.”

One person, the female passenger, was shot by KCPD officers. She was transported for serious injuries. At last update provided by MHP, she’s in stable condition at an area hospital.

However . . .

Today a chaotic social media video clip is gaining traction on social media and inciting questions and allegations against KCPD. 

The Kansas City Star is at the forefront of the criticism, here is their summation of the online video:

"The woman exited the car with her hands up, Shédanja said. Officers told the woman to get on the ground, but the woman told them she was pregnant, Shédanja said, and couldn’t get down on the ground.

"Police asked her to get down multiple times. The woman then told police there was a gun in the vehicle. The woman started backing toward a fence in the parking lot. Several officers approached her and had their weapons drawn, Shédanja said.

'“She did not pull out a weapon on them,” she said. “She did not even have a stick in her hand.”

"The woman ran three steps away from officers, Shédanja said, and police shot five times.

'“One, two, three, four, five. I remember it because it didn’t stop. They shot five times,” Shédanja said during a phone interview Saturday with The Star. “I remember seeing her hit the ground and I froze.”

"Shédanja asked police several times why they shot the woman, but officers did not answer.

"She started recording the scene. In the video she shared with The Star, the woman is seen lying on the ground with blood on her shirt. An officer appears to put her in handcuffs."

Sadly, the newspaper report doesn't reveal all of the video.

Thankfully . . . 


And so we set aside our opinions and thank AWESOME TKC READERS for helping in this community journalism endeavor . . .

As of this writing . . . Here is the video link that reveals a chaotic scene following a Kansas City Police Department Officer-Involved shooting.

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