The World Cup Won't Save Kansas City

Global sporting events are nothing but ripoff hype and they NEVER live up to expectations.

Some of the THE BEST & BRIGHTEST TKC READERS remind us of this fact with an  EXCELLENT PASSAGE regarding an "Olympic" legacy failing to take hold in bigger, better city than our cowtown. 

This passage stands out . . .

"One of the biggest vestiges of the Games has already begun to look like a modern ruin. The site of the 35,000-seat Olympic Stadium has become a mound of grass vaguely in the shape of an amphitheater, with a towering stadium torch remaining like a set of bones. A museum nearby preserves what’s left, its display cases filled with commemorative pins, coins and clothes.

"Many see in these Olympic remnants the signs of bygone glory — and of unfulfilled promises.

"The 2018 Winter Olympics were sold to Pyeongchang’s residents as a chance to cultivate global tourism that would transform the struggling region.

"South Korea spent at least $13 billion on the Games, with some experts projecting returns on this investment of $58 billion within 10 years. Local news outlets speculated that the Olympics could help Gangwon Province “emerge as one of the world’s major winter tourist attractions.”

"Yet on a recent visit to Pyeongchang, the distance from that vision and the present reality seemed immense, with Covid-related travel restrictions worsening what had already been a lackluster start to the county’s post-Olympics life."

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Pyeongchang Still Awaits Its Olympic Payoff

One of South Korea's poorest regions hoped that hosting the 2018 Games would bring tourists and prosperity. It hasn't really happened. But not all the area's residents share his optimism, or his patience.

You decide . . .