THC Shop Crackdown Underway In Kansas: Needless Stoner Harassment?!?

As we slouch toward weed decriminalization in this country, we notice that many law enforcement leaders and elected leaders aren't so permissive. 

Sadly . . . The end result erodes faith in the system overall — Slapdash targeting seems more politically motivated than concerned with public safety. There really isn't much evidence that strip mall commerce targeting suckers threatens the community. 

Here's a peek at the latest power move and push back . . .

"Advocacy groups consider the move harassment of business owners. Cannabis products are legal in Kansas only with very small amounts of hemp-derived THC."

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A Kansas sheriff's office is raiding shops that sell THC and seizing the products

Law enforcement officers are carrying out raids in Topeka on shops selling cannabis products. The Shawnee County Sheriff's Office won't answer questions about how many stores it has raided, on what dates or how much it seized.