Survey Seyz: Eric Greitens Stays Winning According To Poll From Eric Greitens Campaign

The disgraced former guv continues to live in his own bubble with recent "news" that not even the most diehard MAGA supporter would take seriously.

After getting smacked in public by his ex-wife and blaming all of his poor life decisions on some billionaire in Europe . . . Here's the latest bit of campaign flexing . . .

“While a somewhat large block of voters, 27%, remain undecided at this time, most signs point to them siding with the Greitens campaign,” the poll read. “53% of the undecided voters are conservative leaning, a group Greitens is already leading with. And a plurality, 41%, say they would be more likely to vote for a candidate who was endorsed by former President Trump, another subgroup that Greitens performs exceptionally better than his main challengers.”

Greitens, a former Missouri governor, holds the greatest name recognition in the race, with over 50 percent. “All other candidates were over 50% as far as lack of name recognition” goes, the poll explained . . .

Monday’s poll sampled 806 likely primary election voters from May 2-4 with a +/- 3.48% margin of error. The poll was an internal poll conducted by Greitens’ campaign.

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Poll: Eric Greitens Maintains 7 Point Lead in Missouri GOP Senate Primary

Missouri Senate candidate Eric Greitens continues to maintain a seven-point lead in the Republican primary despite attacks from the establishment, a Monday Co/Efficient poll found. Greitens leads by seven points over his nearest challenger, Vicky Hartzler. Eric Schmitt was marked in third place, trailing by 12 points. Twenty-seven percent remain undecided.