Stand Up Blue Valley Sparks 'Open Borders' Kansas Education Debate

Social media verbiage sparks hurt feelings. 

The punchline . . . Nobody but suburban dorks living lives of quiet desperation REALLY pays attention to school policy that has already been decided. 

Here's a bit of politicking from both sides of a silly conversation that's focused on otherwise meaningless high school sports . . .

Stand Up Blue Valley said the measure would strain the “excellent” schools in Blue Valley and was being pushed by “anti-public education forces” hoping to sow confusion and dissatisfaction with public schools.

But some commenters on the posts and civic leaders said the group’s language detracts from its message.

Edgar Palacios, a leader with RevoluciĆ³n Educativa, said the term “open borders” immediately makes him think of the anti-immigrant rhetoric surrounding the 2016 presidential election. RevoluciĆ³n Educativa focuses on “building the political power of Latinos around issues of education,” Palacios said.

“I question whether they’re afraid of more Black and brown children coming into the space, if that’s what they’re really concerned about,” Palacios said. “I also think that it’s a missed opportunity, because my questions would be more around … who’s leaving districts?

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Facebook posts spark discussion about racism, overcrowding in Blue Valley school district

On May 14, a Johnson County pro-public schools group tried to highlight a law it said would harm the Blue Valley School District.

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Graduation task force ignores the low-achievement elephant in the room - The Sentinel

Faced with an enormous student achievement problem, the Kansas State Board of Education is taking the very predictable bureaucratic approach of creating a graduation requirements task force. Its role has nothing to do with the problem, naturally, because the education bureaucracy wants to cover up the problem instead of addressing it.

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