Springtime For Kansas City Climate Change Activists & Their Message Of Doom

Nicer weather provides an opportunity for Eco-warriors to take to the streets in order to warn us that the sky is falling.

For better or worse, they have sympathy & support from the top levels of 12th & Oak.

Take a peek . . .

"A small college in Kansas City, Kansas, is teaching its students about the role they can play in reversing climate change. Plus, the city manager of Kansas City, Missouri, talks about what's being done to improve road conditions and fight climate change."

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New data reveals climate change might be more rapid than predicted

About 30 massive, intricate computer networks serve the scientists who stand at the forefront of climate change research. Each network runs a software program comprised of millions of lines of code. These programs are computational models that combine the myriads of physical, chemical and biological phenomena that together form the climate of our planet.

In 2022, national TV news coverage of extreme weather must connect these events to both climate change and our reliance on fossil fuels

As we hurtle toward peak extreme weather season, the fossil fuel industry has been using the ongoing Russian war against Ukraine to call for continued and deepened reliance on the very products that are driving climate-fueled weather events.

Grim 2022 drought outlook for Western US offers warnings for the future as climate change brings a hotter, thirstier atmosphere

Much of the western U.S. has been in the grip of an unrelenting drought since early 2020. The dryness has coincided with record-breaking wildfires, intense and long-lasting heat waves, low stream flows and dwindling water supplies in reservoirs that millions of people across the region rely on.

UN climate report: It's 'now or never' to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees

A new flagship UN report on climate change out Monday indicating that harmful carbon emissions from 2010-2019 have never been higher in human history, is proof that the world is on a "fast track" to disaster, António Guterres has warned, with scientists arguing that it's 'now or never' to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees.

Elections 2022: How are local councils tackling climate change?

Andy Gouldson, Professor of Environmental Policy at Leeds University says that councils should be focused on reducing emissions from transport and buildings, as these make up 80% of a local area's direct carbon footprint.

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