Show-Me 'Temp Tag Forever' End Game

State police are finally cracking down on pandemic permissiveness for local streets. 

Take a look at the skimpy credentials of broke-ass drivers now coming under more scrutiny . . . 

Officials with MSHP said they've been pulling vehicles over and have continued to issue tickets since that grace period ended. But now, there are just so many out there.

"When something is rolling down the road and they haven't had a title for a year or six months, that's irresponsible," he said.

Troopers believe a lot of the issues with the temp tags are the states that they are registered in — Kansas gives you 60 days for sales tax and registration. In Missouri, it's just 30 days.

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Missouri State Troopers say they're cracking down on expired temp tags on the road

The Missouri State Highway Patrol says it's seeing a growing number of expired temporary vehicle tags on roadways across the metro, and they're planning a crackdown to deal with it.Troy Montague has a job that takes him all over the city, and on both sides of the state line.