Show-Me Sen. Roy Blunt's Politico Son Andy: Hunter Biden Lite?!?

To be fair . . . The dude doesn't look like he's having NEARLY as much fun as Prez Joe's spawn.

Still, here's a recent conservative hot take report that was graciously sent our way . . .

Over the past year, liberal dark money group Sixteen Thirty Fund has spent $2.5 million opposing a Republican-led petition drive to expand Michigan's voter ID requirements. Nearly $400,000 of that money has gone to Groundgame Political Solutions, a shadowy consulting firm that a trio of Republican operatives—including Sen. Roy Blunt's (R., Mo.) son, Andy Blunt—privately launched in May 2021, corporate filings show.

The firm, which Blunt first registered in Delaware before expanding it to 10 other states, functions as a stealthy subsidiary to Blunt's public-facing canvassing company, HBS+. The setup has allowed Blunt and his partners, fellow Republican operatives Gregg Hartley and Meghan Cox, to rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars from deep-pocketed liberals without alienating their conservative clients.

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Tales From the Swamp: How a Republican Senator's Son Partnered With a Liberal Dark Money Group to Sink Voter ID Expansion

Collin Anderson * May 18, 2022 5:00 am A George Soros-linked dark money behemoth has a peculiar partner in its bid to sink voter ID expansion in Michigan-a group of Republican operatives led by a sitting Republican senator's son.