Show-Me Progressive Solider Senate Contender Arguing For Abortion Rights

The Kansas City Star is putting this pre-packaged Beltway politico on blast in order to calm down Democratic Party hysteria over leaked dox. To their credit . . . They're even using a nice photo of him in a plaid shirt to make him seem more relatable. 

To TKC's credit . . . We killed a joke about war killing babies as well . . . If we actually thought this paper-thin candidate had a chance at getting elected . . . We might take him more seriously.

Here's his pitch that won't play well in the vast majority of Missouri . . .

We’re not a free country if American citizens can’t make decisions about their own bodies and their own families. And that’s what’s at stake here — freedom, something hundreds of thousands Americans have died to defend.

At some point, you just have to call a spade a spade: The elites celebrating this decision don’t love our country. They don’t love the American people. They want to control our lives and dominate our families.

I deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan where individuals had no power over their lives and bodies. That’s not a country I want to live in, and it’s certainly not the America I signed up to defend.

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Outlawing abortion isn't American. It's the Big Brother I fought against overseas

OPINION AND COMMENTARY A 16-year-old raped by her father can't get an abortion anymore because a bunch of political elites say she can't. That's Big Brother. And as of this summer, that's America. This week, we learned that the Supreme Court has voted to overturn Roe v. Wade.