Show-Me Low Key Republican Revolution Amid Primary Season

Insiders send us a hint that MAGA is making inroads amongst Missouri conservatives and upcoming elections are about to get messy for the GOP. 

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"The total number of contested primaries—including those without incumbents—is also at its highest point this year. With 17 districts holding elections, there are 34 possible primaries every election cycle.

This year, there are 13 contested primaries, all among Republicans. This is the first time since 2014 without any contested Democratic primaries in the chamber. All but four districts up for election will have a contested Republican primary."

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Highest rate of Missouri state senators facing primary challengers since 2014

Six of the nine Missouri state senators running for re-election-all Republicans-face contested primaries. That equals 67% of incumbents seeking re-election, the highest rate since 2014. This is also the first cycle since 2014 with more than one Republican incumbent facing primary challengers.