Show-Me Cash Crop: Missouri Weed Sales Rack Up MILLIONS

We can debate the future of Western Civilization. 

But it's much more fun to count other people's money . . .

Accordingly, in the last days before decriminalization . . . Take a peek the EPIC REVENUE that will power acceptance of a drug that's now more widely available than bubble gum . . . Take a peek . . .

Propelled by a strong performance on 4/20, Missouri sales rocketed forward again, rising 19.70% over March’s record-setting sales.

Through April, Missouri dispensaries have sold more than $120 million dollars in 2022.

Cumulative sales for the program now sit at $335.80 million since the program’s first retail sales in October 2020.

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Missouri marijuana monthly sales grew nearly 20% in April

Missouri's million in medical marijuana sales at dispensaries in April sets a new sales record Retail sales of medical marijuana jumped 15% from February to March, setting a new sales record and topping the $30 million monthly revenue milestone for the first time.