Shawnee, Kansas Considers 'Co-living' Crackdown After Suffering Internets Shame

After enduring scathing critiques across the nation . . . This suburban enclave might reconsider some of their strident new laws against roommates.

Apparently, mean tweets calling old white ladies racist seem to have worked effectively . . .

One of the changes rewrites city zoning to define “family” for single family homes. The code now defines family as a group of one or more related people living together, or a group of fewer than three unrelated adults living together in a single family home.

Any group of four or more unrelated adults living together in a home would be considered a co-living group. The new ordinance prohibits co-living houses and rooming houses in nearly all city zoning districts.

“From the perspective of adjacent homeowners, the problems that can occur with a household of mixed relations are the same problems that can occur with a similarly sized household with related family members,” former City Council member Lisa Larson-Bunnell said.

Larson-Bunnell suggested the council address the issue by limiting the number of adults in a home based on the number of rooms or the square footage of a home.

Several residents addressed the council Monday night, requesting the city council consider placing the co-living ordinance on a future council agenda for further discussion and review.

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Shawnee residents call for review of co-living restrictions

SHAWNEE, Kan. - People in Shawnee are pushing for the city council to reconsider a newly passed ordinance limiting the number of adults who can share a home. On April 25, the city council unanimously approved an ordinance to change city code related to room rentals in residential zoning districts.