As our blog community reported FIRST . . . There is activist rebuke on the way against this suburban enclave which hopes to keep out po'folk by way of restrictive housing orders. 

From the very BEST & BRIGHTEST TKC READERS . . . Look closely and you'll see an ex-con hottie leading the charge against Shawnee zoning rules & regs.

Here's a scathing quote from a national news outlet . . .

The ban came in spite of data presented in a housing study that demonstrated the average home price in Johnson County rose 37% between 2017 and 2021, from $324,393 to $443,700, according . . . The housing study referred to the price rise as a health equity issue, noting that wages did not rise at the same rate.

"Over and over again, what rose to the surface was the cost of housing was the thing that was impacting people's ability to be healthy," said Kristy Baughman, director of education and planning for United Community Services of Johnson County.

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A Kansas city voted unanimously to ban co-living in rental units, effectively making roommates illegal

Shawnee, Kansas unanimously banned co-living, targeting unrelated roommates who split the cost of rent. Across the country, people have turned to roommates to counteract the rising cost of rentals and housing. Rent in the Shawnee area has risen by over 11% since 2019, according to The Washington Post.