Search For Native Mass Graves Persists At Shawnee Indian Mission In Kansas

Here's a quick follow-up on local history and, maybe, one of many reasons why local suburbs are haunted. 

Check the very real effort to dig up the past in order to finally let it rest in peace . . . 

"Two federal efforts — one in Congress and one at the U.S. Interior Department — could affect the search for marked and unmarked graves at the Shawnee Indian Mission in Fairway and Haskell University in Lawrence."

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Federal efforts to find graves could impact the search at a Native boarding school in Kansas

Congressional testimony began Thursday on a bill that would create a federal commission to look into the impacts of Native American boarding schools such as those that once operated throughout Kansas and at two sites in Missouri. The bill, sponsored by U.S. Democratic Rep.

Survivors of Native American boarding schools bolster calls for truth commission

Survivors of Native American boarding schools delivered emotional testimony in front of a House panel Thursday, recalling stories of physical, emotional and sexual abuse in facilities that were part of U.S. policies to strip children of their native culture, and supporting efforts to create a truth commission to investigate the period.

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