Save The Planet Redux: Kansas City Fights Racist Pollution Along Troost

We've talked about this Eco-friendly bit of local "science" that will help us all hate one another whilst the planet becomes far too inhospitable for middle-class people to p0wnz cars.

Check this progress report from one of many local blogs paid for by Democratic Party donors who, ironically, seem to hate most of the people that "progressive" policy will be inflicted upon.

Take a peek now because AOC promised that the sky will fall in less than 12 years . . .

So far, KC Digital Drive said it has deployed about 30 of the smoke-detector sized devices at local businesses and residences. The group is hoping to find 20 more volunteers to mount the free sensors.

Troost Avenue, long known as an economic and racial dividing line in Kansas City, anchors the roughly 18-square-mile target zone for the project. Jim Starcev, solutions lab program manager for KC Digital Drive, said the team selected the area because of the wide range of factors that could be studied, including diverse income and density levels, as well as the effects of segregationist housing policies.

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Residents explore KC air sensor program at community forum

On a recent Saturday morning, Kansas City residents gathered with local organizations to learn how to monitor air quality in the city’s Troost Avenue corridor.