Rip-off Rock Island Trail Defunded?!?

Something for our critics to consider on their morning bike ride . . .

EVERYTHING connected to all things named "Rock Island" has always been sketchy and leads back to a disgraced Jackson County politico who did quite a bit of time in the federal pen. 

More importantly . . . There are more pressing priorities than making sure local middle-class jerks have a nice place for a bike ride . . .

“I am opposed because of the hundreds of millions of dollars that we have in deferred maintenance around the state on all the other state parks,” appropriations Vice Chairman Lincoln Hough, R-Springrfield, said after the committee vote. “I would like to see us invest in the structures and infrastructures we have in those facilities around the state before we go out and build a $100-plus million trail.”

The bills approved Monday include more than $110 million for other state parks needs, including $57.6 million for general maintenance and repair projects and $40.9 million for water and wastewater infrastructure upgrades.

Trail proponents have lobbied for years for the state to acquire the rail corridor that runs through south-central Missouri from Beaufort in Franklin County to Windsor in Henry County. Supporters see it as a complement to the Katy Trail State Park, opened to the public about 30 years ago, and a chance to conserve structures such as tunnels and bridges that date to the early 20th century.

“I am terribly disappointed,” said Greg Harris, retired executive director and current board member of Rock Island Trail Inc.

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Missouri Senate committee slashes funds for building Rock Island Trail * Missouri Independent

Opponents of a new cross-state recreation trail along the old Rock Island Railroad corridor have the upper hand in the General Assembly after the state Senate Appropriations Committee on Monday cut the funds needed to develop it for use.