Rampant Kansas City COVID Restaurant Staffing Shortages Will Ruin Mother’s Day 2022

From brunch thru dinner there will be thousands of people crowding local restaurants in order to make up for so much disappointment they've cause their mothers.

Accordingly . . .



That's probably a good way to spend hours waiting or maybe get your whole family poisoned. 

Instead . . . We advise patience and share a truism: Even the very best eggs won't make up for career failures facilitated by inherent personality flaws, broken promises, failed marriages and longstanding family grudges that fuel the vast spectrum of Munchhausen syndrome by proxy which we tacitly acknowledge today.

Here's more about this eat out day that every dude is destined to get wrong . . .

"Welcome to Mother’s Day, the busiest restaurant day of the year. More than any other holiday, it’s one that seems to come with a near-legal mandate for a group reservation at the most extravagant brunch spot the family budget will allow. According to the National Restaurant Association, 87 million adults went to a restaurant for a Mother’s Day meal last year. You can be forgiven for feeling as if every single one of them is waiting in the lobby along with you on the big day because the crush of humanity on the second Sunday in May is often positively claustrophobic."

Even worse . . .

Amid this COVID pandemic lull . . . Flustered employees working double & triple shifts aren't going to make today any more fun.

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