Progressives Fear Political Demise Of Rep. Sharice Davids After Kansas Switcheroo

Democratic Party concern is justified because the new lines and shifted demographics don't favor the first openly lesbian elected Native-American politico in the history of the Sunflower State. 

To be fair . . . It might benefit Kansas voters overall for candidates to promote their record, beliefs and effectiveness ahead of identity branding. 

Then again . . . The converse of that idea also remains true given that the Kansas GOP tacitly admits that they can't sell themselves to anybody but white dudes who look like them.

Here's a much nicer consideration of the sitch . . .

"Although Johnson County stays intact, the district now includes more rural, Republican-leaning areas that could make it harder for incumbent Rep. Sharice Davids, the only Kansas Democrat in Congress, to keep her seat."

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What Johnson County voters need to know about the redrawn 3rd Congressional District

Enjoy the lull, voters. The Kansas Supreme Court decision is behind us. Memorial Day weekend is ahead. While some other states have already voted in primaries, Kansans who want to run for Congress in August still have until June 10 to file.