Olathe Insider Reveals: Teachers Suffering 'Woke' Burnout & Quitting En Masse

Teachers are a big part of "the great resignation" and in Johnson County the conversation over so many skilled workers quitting has become increasingly politically charged.

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Over a dozen teachers and other staff have since contacted her, saying the district has “lost its way.” They believe that the social programming of children has gone too far.  Employees are emotionally spent, and they have the added worry about being laid off this year or anticipating larger class sizes and no aides next year.  A few are afraid to speak up because it would be more cause to let them go.   Others tell Olathe business owner Rebecca Shipley that working for the district is toxic, and they are pursuing other careers.

Those employees are describing life under authoritarian rule.  The system is designed to protect the economic interests of the ruling class to the detriment of the peasantry – students, parents, teachers, and other staff.

Olathe’s claim of “high expectations” and “relentless pursuit of excellence” is just propaganda to keep the masses misinformed.  According to the Department of Education’s 2021 state assessment, nearly a quarter of all students are below grade level in math and English language arts, and the numbers are worse for high school students (38% below grade level in Math, 25% below grade level in ELA).

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Taxpayer exposes Olathe school board president's bullying, misinformation tactics - The Sentinel

The Olathe school district says it won't tolerate bullying and harmful behavior, which should also apply to school board members. But school board president Joe Beveridge seems to think he is exempt. At the May 5 school board meeting, Olathe business owner Rebecca Shipley questioned the ethical basis for giving Superintendent Brent Yeager a bonus when teachers, aides, and paras have lost jobs, and academic scores are down.