Of Course He Does: Kansas City Mayor Q Seyz Police Budget Control Vote Is Racist

An upcoming Missouri vote over Kansas City police funds is following a predictable pattern. 


The question here is . . . 

Does Mayor Q know that he's going to have to convince rural Missouri voters if he wants any shot of victory??? 

To be fair, he probably doesn't care given that scoring points via Twitter is a much more relevant and rewarding pastime.

Nevertheless . . . Here's the offending and offensive passage for anybody who interested in the very real and important issue of funding public safety in Kansas City . . .

(MO State Sen.) Luetkemeyer painted the move as an effort that would have allowed crime to creep into the city’s surrounding suburbs.

“When we see law enforcement being defunded south of the river, that means that crime is going to migrate north of the river because you’re going to have crime being unchecked,” Luetkemeyer said, referring to the Missouri River, which divides Kansas City into two, with more conservative neighborhoods in the north.

The two city council districts fully north of the river – districts 1 and 2 – are about 78% and 71% white. Two of the three districts completely south of the river are minority white districts, with Black residents making up a majority of the population.

 The Mayor's tweety retort . . . 

Today’s installment of tell me you don’t give a damn about Black communities most victimized by crime and the Black people within them without saying it.

I’d never heard before the role of police is to confine crime to areas in which some of our state legislators rarely travel.

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link to this cowtown's most anti-cop publication . . .

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