Life In KC Worth Less Than 100 Bucks?!?

A tragic killing leaves another family heartbroken . . . They reveal that the homicide was motivated by a paltry amount.

Check the money line . . .

Quintin Dewberry, 26, died Wednesday, May 18, when he was shot and killed no where near his home. His mother said it was over a $100 debt.

"All of his friends and all of his family. We're going to have to pay the price for life now because he didn't have $100 bucks," his mother said.

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Mother of KC homicide victim says son killed senselessly over $100 debt

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The mother of a Blue Springs, Missouri man said the violence in Kansas City has to stop. Her son, Quintin Dewberry was killed last week near East 49th Street and Agnes Avenue. Melinda Mueller said Dewberry had a hard life and made some poor choices.