Just in time to ruin your holiday, check local health leaders offering an update on the state of the pandemic that everybody is ignoring for the Summer.

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The University of Kansas Health System is currently treating nine patients with active COVID-19 infections, up from five at this time last week. Two of these patients are in the ICU, but none are on a ventilator.

“You want to start thinking about putting a mask back on… because we’re starting to see a rise in deaths,” said Dr. Steve Stites, the hospital’s chief medical officer.

“Hopefully, we will not see the same rises in ICU [patients] and deaths that we’ve seen with the last surges.”

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'We're starting to see a rise in deaths' from COVID-19, KU doctor says

Cases of COVID-19 are continuing to rise in the Kansas City area, a trend that experts are beginning to note in local death rates from the virus as well. Local experts met Tuesday morning at the University of Kansas Health System to discuss the latest pandemic wave.